2021- Apologies No Events

JULY 2021 - The Committee has decided that due to the uncertainty around the Covid situation the Summer Supper and the Summer Show should be cancelled again this year. It would be very hard to get judges this close to the event plus finalising schedules is not feasible in the time given.

Here's a few photos to remind you of the last few years and we look forward to a better situation in 2022.






The 2019 Winners


The 147h Annual Flower Show was held on Saturday 17th August 2019.

57 exhibitors participated in contrast to 58 of 2018. The total number of exhibits was 490, a decrease from 511 of last year. The Vegetable section had 81 entries, a decrease of 23 from 104 of 2018. The Fruits category had a small increase of 2 with 83 entries against 81 of last year. There was only 1 entry in the Novelty Class. The largest increase was in Photography with 165 entries, an addition of 23 from last year's entries of 142. In the children's category there was a drop in Section H (Under 8s) with 12 entries against 2018's 26. In Section J (Under 12s) a small increase of 3 with 18 entries in contrast to 15 of last year. Section K (Under 17s) had 4 entries in contrast to 6 of 2018. Overall, the boys featured strongly in the baking entries.