Melbury Osmond Garden & Show Society

Review of the 2018 Flower Show

The 146th Annual Flower Show was held on Saturday 18th August 2018.

58 exhibitors participated, an encouraging increase from 49 of last year. The total number of exhibits was 517, an increase from 466 in 2017. The Vegetable and Fruit sections had a small decrease, possibly due to the hot, dry summer. Vegetables had 104 entries against 109 of last year; and Fruits were 81 entries down from 84 in 2017.  The Domestic Science section marked an increase with 68 entries in comparison to the 57 of last year.

The Children’s Section H (Under 8s) had a sizable increase of 16 additional entries from 10 of last year and Section K  (Under 17s) which has had no entries for the last 4 consecutive years had 6 entries this year.

The trophy winners in 2018 are:

 Vegetable Cup: Bob Oaksford

Fruits & Flowers Cup: James Evans

Lady Theresa Floral Art Cup: Helen Preston

Prince of Wales Handicrafts Cup: Janet Danks

Domestic Science Cup: - Helen Preston

Photography Cup: Robert Ward

John Ebsworth Cup for under 8's: Millie Gray-Brown

William & Kate Paulley Cup for under 12's: Charlie Merritt

Silver Jubilee Cup for under 17’s: Jemima Kingswell

Golden Jubilee 2000 Cup (Men's Domestic Science): Richard Davidge

Evershot Cup – Rev. Linda Wilcock

Eliza Maria Critchel Trophy for Best in Show: Suzanne Roriston

Challenge Cup (Highest number of points in Show): Helen Preston

Mrs. S. Kowalewski,


Melbury Osmond Garden & Show Society