Visiting Melbury Osmond

Please drive carefully through our village as the roads are narrow and not meant for fast traffic with many ramblers, horse riders and dog walkers.

We would ask you to park sensibly and not cause potential inconvenience to residents or other visitors. The car park by the village hall is available if there is no function taking place.

Dog walkers are advised to keep dogs on a lead especially when they walk through The Estate gates into Melbury Park where sheep regularly graze, or on footpaths that go across land with livestock. Also there is a no cycling policy in the privately owned Melbury Park - it is not allowed so please do not cycle.

Dog walker 


Visit our lovely church, enjoy our picturesque village but remember the golden rules -

Leave nothing behind but your footprints (so no litter), pick up after your dog and take home your bags (as we have no litter or dog waste bins in the village) ..... and of course take nothing but photos!


monmouth cottage

Monmouth Cottage was occupied by Thomas Hardy’s forebears, the Swetmans. The Duke of Monmouth is supposed to have taken refuge there, a legend which Hardy wove into his short story, ‘The Duke’s Reappearance’.