If you would like to inform the village of an event please email info@melburyosmond.co.uk

2018 Flower Show Saturday, August 18th

Village Hall 2 pm - 5.30 pm 

Entry forms to be returned by 14th August

More details here 


Village Hall - Old Piano

The old piano from the village hall is free to a new home. Please contact Sue Dodge if you would love to learn to play on this lovely piano 01963 210999 

Fibre Optic Broadband  - there is a government grant scheme that might enable the village to have this which would give faster internet access. If you are interested in exploring the possibility can you please get in touch with Roger Caesley 01935 83659 roger.caesley@epsilonoptics.com. He is exploring the costs and that is linked to the number of homes/businesses that would be interested. For more detail look at gigabitvoucher.culture.gov.uk

March 2018 - We have some more photos - take a look at former resident Eddie Wood's gallery

1970's snow scenes  and village events

Village Defibrillator - if you haven't attended  a training session but want to and would like to know more about it get in touch - info@melburyosmond.co.uk

Click here for village hall events 2018

Melbury Osmond Book Group - Meets about once a month or so on a Thursday evening. For more details go to events page

Melbury Osmond Village Hall -Tea, cakes & coffee - served in the village hall on the first Thursday of every month
0930-1200 £2 Starts February 2018 i.e. no January meeting
(In aid of the village hall refurbishment)

Boules - Every Tuesday on the Rec at 4 pm and the more the merrier so please come along.

The parish council would like to thank Dorset Popp for their support.



This website has been created to meet the Parish Council’s statutory obligations for transparency so on it you will find information about the council's meetings, finances and decisions.

It also aims to encourage the participation of the community in the council's work and in the life and activities of the village so includes more general information, for both Melbury Osmond residents and visitors, on the local societies, clubs, events and businesses.

Melbury Osmond village is a small rural community of seventy-five or so homes set in tranquil countryside twelve miles North West of the county town of Dorchester. The village is steeped in history; mentioned in the Domesday Book, it has a beautiful Grade 1 church, St Osmund's that dates back to 1550. In this church, Thomas Hardy’s parents, Jemima Hand and Thomas Hardy Snr, were married in 1839 and also his grandparents some years before. Hardy knew the village well and in his novels, it is known as Great Hintock.

Melbury Osmond is a beautiful place to live and a delightful one to visit and the Parish Council will continue to work diligently with the community to ensure that it remains so.